Book of Lost Ponies

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Table of Contents

Note: This is a Work In Progress and the chapter headings are subject to change.
Right now the Silmarillion chapters are used as a guide but may end up being substantially rewritten.


Part 1. Llaúrendalë
Part 2. Ponÿeighna


1: Of the beginning of days
2: Of Twilë and Shyavanna
3: Of the First Ponies and the Captivity of Tírek
4: Of Hourglás and Derpian
5: Of Alinor and the Princesses of Aponië
6: Of Starfall and the unchaining of Tírek
7: Of the Elements of Harmony
8: Of the Darkening of Amane
9: Of the Doom of the Alidar
10: Of the Unicorns
11: Of Earth Ponies
12: Of the Sun and Moon
13: Of the Return of the Alidar to Little-Equestria
14: Of Alfalfaland and its realms
15: Of the Alicorns in Alfalfaland
16: Of Tripkë
17: Of the coming of Earth Ponies into the west
18: Of the Ruin of Alfalfaland
19: Of Appelle and Flutterén
20: Of the Battle of Unnumbered Feels
21: Of Pinkamena and the Children of Píe
22: Of the ruin of Derpîath
23: Of Clover and the fall of Cloudfountain
24: Of the Element of Magic and the War of Wrath


Of Discord and the Fall of Ponicéan


1: Alfalfaland and the Lands to the North
2: A Map of the Undying Lands of Alinor
2: A Map of Ponicéan & the Sea of Drama


1: Family Tree
2: Heraldry and cutie-marks of the Great Horses of Alfalfaland
3: Starswirl's letters (an early pony alphabet) and the Cólth
4: A Brief Glossary of Neighnya, the ancient pony language
5: Translations of "actual" pony names into Elvish


1: The Gem Verse
2: Cover art for the Ballantine edition
3: The prologue to the unauthorized /oat/ edition

Index of names -- Appendix: Ancient Ponyish names.


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