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The Ponymarillion is a fan-created wiki ("ficcy") devoted to a fan-fictional parody of the works of J.R.R. Tolkien's The Silmarillion and "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" created by Lauren Faust. Some content submitted here may be considered parody or derivative of copyright or copyleft works by individual authors, however the entirety of work submitted here shall be considered work-in-progress and is strictly for the purpose of parody and satire in the spirit of works such as "Fallout: Equestria" and Bored Of The Rings. This is a not-for-profit fan-made wiki devoted to the concept of a "ficcy" or collaborative fictional work.

Since this project is still in its infancy, the current version of the story we are working on is Neighnya Ponimarillion I, the "Book of Lost Ponies".


  • This version of the story is transcribed from a written manuscript by Brøni Brølaffson aka Hoerstwine, a.d. 510.
  • Book of Lost Ponies I will concentrate on parody of the source material from the published Quenta Silmarillion.
  • Once that is done, the story outline will be in place to write in more original material, adapting the story to the directions it is taken by ponifying the characters, especially fleshing out the backstory for Luna and Celestia and their parents. This will be done in version 2.0, The Ponymarillion, which would be the main version that would eventually appear here.
  • If somepony wants to go deeper, they can attempt to ponify the actual Book of Lost Tales as Book of Lost Ponies II. There are some choice bits in there that bronies would be interested in, but the language is purple, purple prose that makes the Silmarillion look tame by comparison.
  • The polished version of the main story line will appear as chapters on this page.
  • Versions may have slight or large differences, alternate character interpretation, etc. The only reason for separate versions to appear is to allow for collaborative editing without having to overwrite the original work. It's also in keeping with the literary agent hypothesis, namely that earlier versions are less accurate retellings of the story...

The Premise (or conceit)

  • Each version of the Ponymarillion included here was "discovered" or revealed to the authors as an alternate re-telling of ancient pony history.
  • This story has been previously told in J.R.R. Tolkien's The Silmarillion, based on the Red Book of Westmarch. However, in translating the source material, Tolkien got some of the facts wrong. The ancient race depicted in the source material was not in fact elves as commonly understood, but unicorns and other magical talking ponies. Changes in cultural folklore over the centuries, along with a decline of belief in ponies among the later human residents of Earth, can be blamed for this misconception. Much like hobbits, the pony race was doomed to fade into the cute and cuddly denizens of the fields and forests we know today.
  • You may have noticed that some aspects of the history of Equestria (the land of magical, talking, rainbow ponies, unicorns and pegasi) bear some similarity to the history of Middle-Earth. The presence of ancient races, only a few of whom survive; a battle involving sacred, magical jewels; etc. It is obvious that ponies were once considered to be terrifying, fae-like creatures.
  • The crucial conceit used for the inspiration for this fic (as more than a series of disconnected parody art) was inspired by the Season 2 Episode of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic -- "Hearth's Warming Eve" -- in which the Mane Six (the six main character ponies from the actual show) "play" alternate versions of themselves from the distant past in order to tell a story of the history of Equestria (the land in which the ponies live). These alternate character versions may be interpreted as suspiciously similar archetypes (as commonly used in cartoon shows) or as ancestors of the ponies we are familiar with.
  • The reason this is important is because even Tolkien fretted that nobody would "get" The Silmarillion since it was a pseudohistorical mythology and did not feature the familiar, "hobbit-like" characters from his most famous books.
  • Similarly, it would be doubly asinine to ponify the Silmarillion as simply "The Silmarillion, but all the characters are ponies." Bronies unfamiliar with Tolkien would interpret it as simply a collection of bad alicorn OC's, and Tolkien fans would not see the point.
  • There's also much less room for humor and associated feels, if you remove all reference to the Mane Six ponies from the show. So the basic premise is similar to that of "Hearth's Warming Eve": That many of the characters are being "played by" historicized variants of the characters from the actual show.
  • A few are taken straight from Tolkien with no implied correlation to existing ponies. This is especially true where no pony would seem appropriate, e.g. in the case of Starfall, Luna's mother; who is basically a ponified version of Fëanor. He simply deserves his own pony.
  • A corollary to this is that only a few characters survive the Ponymarillion. These are the only characters that actually "play themselves" (i.e. the actual characters who later appear in Friendship Is Magic, not ponified Tolkien characters or historical characters "played by" alternate versions of ponies from the show.) Two of these characters necessarily include Luna and Celestia, who have central roles.
  • Pony naming conventions are rooted in Neighnya, the Ancient Pony language. Traces of this dialect can be seen amongst high-born ponies in later ages, e.g. Miamorë Cadenza. However, other names used may have elements of straight parody (presumably Ancient Punnish), with a liberal sprinkling of vernacular or "lesser" Pony names we know and love. Much like hobbits, ponies prefer simple, cute, descriptive names in plain English, but historical and high-born ponies have increasingly "high-falutin'" sounding dialectical names. Lesser Pony names such as Clover the Clever may be interpreted as direct translations from Pony into English in order to retain a familiar and "cutesy" connotation, as they are on the show.
  • Many of the ideas of crossing over My Little Pony into an epic, Tolkienian context have been previously used in other fan-fictions. It is important to note that the original authors of the Ponymarillion collaborative work (Ponyweed, et al.) had not read any of these works prior to developing the core concepts, outlines, etc. of the Ponymarillion, many of which were in place as early late 2011 (the bronies involved were convalescing from shell shock from the Great Pony War at the time.) Any similarities may be chalked up to use of the same source material and cultural osmosis (e.g. inspiration driven from the overall fan depiction of Luna and Celestia's past).
  • Fluttershy was cast as the Lúthien character prior to canonically defeating the Hound of the Underworld on the actual show, for instance. (In the episode "It's About Time".)

Story Notes

  • Luna is the only character so far "played by" a pony from the show that has no corollary in the original Tolkien work. That is because Luna and Celestia are essentially split off from Galadriel's character, which is highly fortuitous since her character was barely sketched in the Silmarillion and Tolkien could never decide on precisely what role she played, so there is a lot of room to write Luna and Celestia into the work as themselves. However, this is still an alternate version of their backstory, and numerous characters from the Silmarillion have been rewritten or compressed for the purposes of adaptation. In the current version, Luna and Celestia are half-sisters, for instance. We saw this as an opportunity to inject a through-line into the story, actually.
  • A few characters who survive are actual characters from the show in the place of Tolkien characters, of which Discord, in the Sauron role, is most significant. We have taken Tírek, the insanely demonic villain from the old, cheesy My Little Pony 80's cartoon, and made him into the God of All Evil in the Morgoth role. This fortuitously means that Discord is not as hateful a character as Sauron becomes in later versions of Tolkien's work, since he remains the god of Chaos, essentially.
  • This story attempts to offer alternate explanations for the origins of the Elements of Harmony, the alicorn race, alternate character interpretations etc. that interestingly parallel Tolkien's works (probably because the creators of the new My Little Pony series are very into geek culture). All of this is a form of "alternate continuity", i.e. a specific type of fanon. If the show itself contradicts any and all of these elements, keep in mind the premise of suspension of disbelief: in the long run it is the audience who decides what interpretation of the story they like, because all fiction is equally fictional. Besides, although the show was created by famous animation director Lauren Faust, My Little Pony is still owned by a toy company, and they could crack down on the independence (and quality) of the show at any time.
  • Alicorn Warning: Note that the requirements of both Tolkien and any worthy satire of Tolkien's over-the-top epic style necessitate a profusion of Alicorn characters, some of which are ponified characters taken straight from the Silmarillion. This is mandated by the requirements of the work, namely, explaining the origins of the Elements of Harmony, and where all the original alicorns went. We have tried when possible to use characters from the show "playing" the overpowered versions of the original characters instead of attempting to write alicorn OC's. Some characters such as Fëanor / Starfall simply warrant their own OC, due to being incredibly badass.
  • For the purposes of this fic, we are concentrating on retelling the "Quenta Silmarillion" (the main part of the story that has several different versions in the Tolkien 'verse) and possibly "Akallabêth", as that relates to Discord. But the further in time you go, the more the source materials wildly diverge. So anything after the end of the First Age of Little-Equestria should be construed as moving away from epic satire (e.g. "Fallout: Equestria") and more towards simplified pop-culture parody (á la Bored of The Rings).
  • This does not prevent somepony from writing snippets of bridge fiction that attempts to reference the Ponymarillion alternate continuity to the world of the actual show. But extending the plotline of the Ponymarillion into the timeline of Lord of the Rings would not work unless you were simply thrusting the ponies out of the world of My Little Pony and into an alternate version Middle Earth. But since this is an epic satire, the premise of the actual "Ponymarillion" is that this is a previously unknown backstory to the world of ponies.


Like the various versions of Tolkien's work (see HoME I-XII) this ficcy is constructed as a series of versions, with the main "story thread" chapters at the main page link, and "work in progress" versions of whichever story thread is being worked on. If a contributor is dissatisfied with one version and wants to try something different, they can start a new version with the consensus of other contributors.

The main story thread shall be considered the "fanonical" version for the purposes of this collaborative fiction (i.e. the one casual readers will be most likely interested in.)

Each version or story thread can re-use the text of the other versions hosted in this collaborative fiction, with slight or extensive modifications, allowing users to edit the main storyline without affecting the "fanonical" or other alternate versions of the full tale.

Each version can be expanded into a version of the full tale or some small part of the fic. Author's notes may be provided by the contributors explaining how it differs from the main story, especially if there is a fundamentally different premise / conceit.

If Tolkien had written the Silmarillion in this way, what this would mean in practice is that the main story thread featured on the main page would be the chapters of the published copy of The Ponyarillion, the working storyline would be the chapters of The Ponyarillion as they were still being written and edited, and other versions of the same story would be featured as Book of Lost Ponies I and II, Children of Píe expanded into a separate fic, etc. Each of which would be hosted on a separate page of the wiki.

To maintain consistency and prevent vandalism, the main story thread and any "finished copy" of alternate story versions will be edit-locked once collaborators are done with them. Collaborators may sign up to curate (admin) these pages in the event of further changes. "Work in progress" versions will be open to editing by logged-in contributors.

Much as we would like to allow anonymous contributions, to prevent vandalism, and to allow a discrete number of collaborators, most pages will require log-in permission to edit. Contributions by unknown collaborators may be submitted on other sites where this is crossposted, probably in Ponychan /collab/ or /fic/ -- or submitted to a user with edit permissions. To edit extensively a finished, locked version of the story, a spin-off version may be created, using the original text as a base.

You can still also just create pages, as long as you categorize them by listing them in WIP.


Links to copyrighted material shall be off-site, or clearly labeled as such and for reference purposes only.

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Any artwork submitted here must be approved by the admins and derivative artwork must be published either with the consent of the original artist or otherwise pursuant to the copyright allowances for derivative artwork or parody. (But it is more loving and tolerant to ask the original artist anyway.) Off-site links to pony image boards may be used if you are not sure. In keeping with the spirit of creating something that can be appreciated by a general audience of fans of Lord of the Rings and/or My Little Pony, off-site links in articles must be safe-for-work and not contain anything explicit or grotesque. Even if it is nominally supported by the source material (The Silmarillion and related works).

Safe For Woona

This ficcy is intended to be in keeping with the spirit of both of the original source materials. What this means in practice is that subject material which would not ordinarily be found in the Friendship is Magic animated series is introduced only where required by the story constraints of The Silmarillion and otherwise for the purposes of parody and/or satire. Any and all references to adult subject matter should therefore be handled as they would be by Tolkien in his various works, all of which were for a mature family-friendly audience. This also means that explicit or grotesque content does not belong in the versions hosted in this collaboration. Translation: If it doesn't belong on Ponychan, it probably doesn't belong here!

Fork You

If somepony does not like the way this ficcy is going, or don't like the rules, they are free to publish a fork of some small part of it on another fanfiction site and link to it here with admin permission, provided that fair warning is included that it is an individualized offshoot of the main fic and not part of this collaboration and not subject to the same creative process. We claim no responsibility or authorship for such works.

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