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Submissions and story ideas go in Story Talk.

This includes a section for notes on individual characters and Story Notes. We are still working on a section for Story Art.

You can also just create a page and link it on WIP (see below).

Ponyweed is currently the editor of the "Book of Lost Ponies" (Version 1) of the Ponymarillion.

To become an active editor, contact him at User_talk:Ponyweed with your submission or ideas. You may also be able to reach us on Ponychan /fic/ or /collab/.

Bronies with writing or illustration talent and an interest in the source material may wish to participate as editors in this collaborative fan work.

You can also participate by creating a snippet on a new page (such as a poem or art), or submitting stuff on the Talk page for individual work-in-progress (WIP) chapters. Important:  look on the Edit History and Talk page for a WIP chapter to see if somepony else is still working on a chapter first before editing the chapter directly.

  • Since the initial BoLP is initially going to start out as a Bored of the Rings style straight parody of the source material in order to establish the names and characters and relationships and go from there. So editing chapters is not as much of a concern until we get to original material.
  • If a WIP chapter is simply incomplete, check and see if it's abandoned and you may be able to complete it. Try to ensure continuity of style within chapters.
  • If a WIP chapter is substantially written, then it's better if you simply write your own version of the chapter in hopes of doing a merge later.
  • If you want to work on a chapter without somepony else editing it, create a subpage titled Chapter name/username and put it alongside other links in the relevant section on WIP.
  • If you simply wish to edit a WIP chapter for grammar / clarity, feel free to do so; but keep in mind that some of the writing in Tolkien style is deliberately verbose. This is in loving parody of the quasi-Biblical / ancient epic sounding source material.
  • Always remember that the goal here is to prove that if elves fighting over jewelry is epic (not to mention metal)... ponies fighting over jewelry is even 20% moreso.

If you wish to contribute, it's advised that you copy the original text on the WIP page and write your edit offline before uploading it in a format you wish others to read. Don't upload incomplete edits to WIP unless you want other users to see your thought process! If somepony else is working on a chapter, substantial edits should be discussed with that person in the Talk page for that chapter on WIP.

Finalized versions of chapters that appear in the Table of Contents for the "finished draft" will be locked, as they represent a consensus draft for that particular version that can be published elsewhere.

You can also contact Ponyweed or another senior editor to get approval to submit illustrations!

We will refine this procedure for submissions once there is more than one or two editors to figure out who has an interest in doing so. ^3^ Since we hope the initial work will be done by a group of sufficiently interested and talented bronies who are logged-on editors and Tolkien geeks.