Prophecy of the Ponies

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Declared by a messenger of the Ponytär in the shadowy, frigid lands of Aramane (home of the Windigos)

The Doom of the Alidar, also called the Twilight Curse or the Prophecy of the Ponies, was the judgement
of the Ponytär pronounced on the alicorns that carried out the Kinslaying of the sea-ponies at Aquaponië:

    "Feels unnumbered shall ye feel;

     and the Ponytär will fence Alinor against you,
     and shut you out, so that not even the echo
     of your lamentation shall pass over the mountains.

     On the House of Starfall the wrath of the Ponytär
     lieth from the Mild West unto the uttermost East,

     and upon all that will follow them it shall be laid
     also. Their Oath shall drive them, and yet betray
     them, and ever snatch away the very
     Elements of Harmony that they have sworn to pursue.

     To evil end shall all things turn that they
     begin well; and by derpyness of kin unto kin,
     and the fear of Discord, shall this come to pass.

     The Dispossessed shall they be for ever. ...

     You have spilled the blood of your kin unrighteously
     and have stained the roots of Amane. Blood shall ye render,
     and far beyond Amane you shall dwell in Discord's shadow.

     For though Faûst appointed you to die not in Poneä,
     and no sickness may assail you, yet slain you may be,

     and slain you will be; by weapon and by torment and
     by grief; and your horseless spirits shall then come to
     Ponyos. There long shall ye abide and yearn for life,

     and find little pity though all ponies you have slain should
     entreat for you. And those that endure in Little-Equestria
     as magical princesses shall grow weary of the world,

     and wane, as with a great burden, and shall become
     as shadows of regret before the younger race of Men
     that comes after. The Pony Gods have spoken."

The Kinslaying was the ponies' equivalent of Original Sin, in that they fell to evil and were expelled from paradise.