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Story Talk (Story Notes, Character Notes, Story Art)

Our forum for discussion of story outline, character profiles, illustration ideas, etc.
Story Art will be spun off into its own section if there is activity to warrant doing so.
This page is the best place to contribute your ideas if you're not an active editor.

Anonymous users may comment, your IP will appear along with your handle.
This is a new site so if this page is filled with spam, it will... make Derpy cry.

Story Notes[edit]

Character Notes[edit]


Discord and Tírek[edit]

Luna (and Celestia)[edit]

Glamorós (and Glow-belle)[edit]

Flutterén (and Appleberen)[edit]

Dashion (Lyrë & Bonbonion)[edit]

Pinkamena (Children of Píe)[edit]

Clover and Tripkë[edit]

Tiaraform, Supturine etc.[edit]

Hourglás and Derpian[edit]

Story Art[edit]

Note: OP is not yet familiar with how MediaWiki handles image linking
by casual editors, so this section awaits participation of an actual artist.

Story Talk[edit]

General story discussion.