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Prologue 1: Llaúrendalë

Of The Great Storyboard and the Creation of Little-Equestria

Prologue 2: Ponÿeighna

An Account of the Ponytär according to the Lore of the Alidar

Of the Beginning of Days

Of Twilë and Shyavanna

Of the First Ponies and the Captivity of Tírek

Of Hourglás and Derpian

Of Alinor and the Princesses of Aponië

Of Starfall and the unchaining of Tírek

Of the Elements of Harmony

Of the Darkening of Amane

Oath of Starfall

Oath of Starfall (snippet)

Of the Doom of the Alidar

Kinslaying at Aquaponië

Prophecy of the Ponies (snippet)

Of the Unicorns

Of Earth Ponies

Of the Sun and Moon

Of the Return of the Alidar to Little-Equestria

Of Alfalfaland and its realms

Of the Alicorns in Alfalfaland

Of Tripkë

Of the coming of Earth Ponies into the west

Of the Ruin of Alfalfaland

Of Appelle and Flutterén

Discord's Castle

Flutterén vs. Discord (snippet)

Of the Battle of Unnumbered Feels

Of Pinkamena and the Children of Píe

The Story of Píe

The Curse of Pinkamena (snippet)
Stone of the Hapless (snippet)

Of the ruin of Derpîath

Of Clover and the fall of Cloudfountain

Of the Element of Magic and the War of Wrath

The War of Wrath

Thus Ends... (snippet)